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Apr 26 - Apr 26 2018
Barrigada, Guam
Boss lift is coordinated with the ARNG RTI Unit, the Commander has agreed to support ESGR with use of their weapon simulators and include a base tour of unit and equipment(various vehicles not common to the public).
Employer Director will also give a short brief on ESGR, our mission.Light lunch will be provided to employers at site.

State/ Regional: Volunteer: FRG Leader Training Tier 1

Apr 26 - Apr 26 2018
THORNTON, Colorado
This training is for Tennessee Statutory Volunteers only.

Collective: Volunteer Orientation/Tier 1 Training 1300

Apr 26 - Apr 26 2018
HARTFORD, Connecticut
Join us for an Orientation and Tier 1 Training to familiarize yourself with regulations and State specific guidelines in developing and maintaing a Family Readiness Group!

Orientation and Tier 1 Training is mandatory for all Volunteers.

If you missed the registration deadline and would like to register please contact us at 800-858-2677.


Apr 26 - Apr 26 2018
Warwick, Rhode Island
Employer Outreach event, recognizing all RI's Freedom Award Nominees. The purpose of the event is to provide acknowledgement of the outstanding support of these companies in an effort to promote their continued support and inspire other companies to strive for the recognition.

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