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May 20 - May 20 2018
Glendale, Arizona
Provide ESGR Programs and USERRA Pre-Deployment training to new members NOSC Luke AFB.

Training: OSD Master Trainer Course

May 21 - May 24 2018
Quantico, Virginia
DoD Master Trainer Course (MTC) is a specialized train-the-trainer course encompassing instruction in instructional, facilitation, and briefing skills that develops attendees’ personal and professional skills. Completion of the DoD MTC requires attendance for the entire course (tentative agenda for the DoD MTC is attached) in order to impart the required skills for you to return to your community as a better trainer and teach, brief, and facilitate according to the needs of your organization. Completion of the MTC certifies you to teach three local training courses [Instructor Training Course (ITC), Briefer Training Course (BTC), and Facilitator Training Course (FTC)], which are designed to develop effective instructional, briefing, and facilitation skills for local paid staff and volunteers. As a Master Trainer, you will be trained to teach, evaluate, and provide feedback to local instructors, briefers, and facilitators.

Course Dates: 21 – 24 May, 2018
Travel dates for CORE Trainers: 19 and 25 May, 2018
Travel Dates for Master Trainer Students: 20 May and 24 May (after 1600)

Attendance at the DoD MTC is funded locally. Each attendee is responsible to ensure funding and orders have been approved by their Service POC.


May 22 - May 22 2018
Des Moines, Iowa
Colonel Mark Chidley, members of the unit, and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve invite you to participate in an Employer Day event at the Air National Guard 132d Wing in Des Moines. Colonel Chidley and his staff will provide you an opportunity to become acquainted with their mission requirements, how they affect you as the employer and your military employee.

The agenda includes:
An overview of the various missions of the 132d Wing:
• Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Targeting
• Remote Piloted Aircraft
• RC-26 Surveillance Aircraft
• Division Tactical Operations Center
• Cyber
• Domestic Operations?

KC135’s, a fuel tanker, from the 185th Air Refueling Wing, an Air National Guard asset out of Sioux City, IA will be arriving to provide an experience of a lifetime. Parti cipants will have the opportunity to fly in one of their jets and observe the jets receiving gas during flight.

There will be a review of training requirements and what deployments look like in today’s new environment.
Refreshments and lunch will be provided to you at no cost. Courtesy of ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves).
Please register using the form on the next page to reserve your seat for the event. Space is limited. Only one representative per organization will be allowed to attend.


May 22 - May 22 2018
Bluffdale, Utah
Pre-deployment Bosslift to increase employer awareness of USERRA responsibilities and support for employees scheduled for deployment. Bosslift will be held at Camp Williams and Dugway, Utah Tuesday 22 May 2018. Some employers may require lodging. No per diem required.

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