Look up events that give Service Members and their families the chance to connect and communicate with other members of the NG and Reserve community:
  • Search for events by state and for post-login users, by date.
  • View event details such as the time, state location and event POC.
  • Register for events online.
  • Look up your event registration using your registration reference number and email address.
  • Access and fill out event evaluation forms.
  • Cancel your event registration if necessary.

For Staff

Manage registrations for JSS events:
  • Approve/decline registrants or cancel registrations if necessary.
  • Communicate with registrants via email.
  • Update the attendance status of registrants.
  • View a snapshot summary of event registration details by delegation, status and component affiliation.
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National Guard Support Programs

Quickly access resources and contact information for each of the National Guard (NG) Support Programs:
  • Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)
  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR)
  • National Guard Family Program
  • Financial Management Awareness Program (FMAP)
  • Psychological Health Program
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR)
  • Transition Assistance Program
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Service Provider Network

Get one-stop access to contacts and resources in JSS:
  • Search for and view local resources that are relevant and close to home.
  • Search for and access events set up through the Events tool in JSS.
  • Reach out to National Program contacts via email for additional assistance.
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Keep up-to-date with important alerts, news and events of interest to both public users and JSS members.
  • Review the list of announcements for your affiliated state(s).
  • Open an announcement to view its details.
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Media Center

View JSS videos online:
  • Search for JSS videos by category.
  • Select any video and watch it on your mobile device.
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Volunteer Activity

Keep leadership informed of your volunteer hours by tracking them online:
  • Record your volunteer hours by activity in JSS.
  • Review a summary of your volunteer hours by current month, year and total hours.
  • Review the details of previously entered activity hours compared to average state and national hours.
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Your JSS Profile

Keep your JSS user account up-to-date:
  • Update your Personal, Contact and Service Member details if they change.
  • Update your JSS Password.
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How to Create a Home Screen Launch Icon

Safari Browser only
  • Hit the "send" button located in the center of the bottom bar
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"
Safari Browser only
  • Hit the "send" button located on the top next to the URL field
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"

Please note: due to the differences in Android device software and manufacturers the following steps may not be applicable to your device.

Native Browser
  • Press "Menu"
  • "More" (can appear for some phones)
  • "Add to Home Screen"
Chrome Browser
  • Go to the bookmarks listing
  • Long press on the bookmark
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen" in the popup menu
  • Press "Menu"
  • Add to Home Screen

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